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EE&F Subcommittee Meeting

Date: April 26, 2012 9:30am to 12:00pm

Location: DPS, GIGA Room, Montpelier, VT


This meeting will address the Public Service Board’s desire to have a recommendation from the VSPC regarding how geographic targeting of energy efficiency services should be funded going forward. In addition, the committee will discuss committee charter and future issues for consideration. Agenda: 1) Geotargeting question (see above) 1hr 45 min a. Prior to June full VSPC meeting, this committee should have a recommendation ready to go. 2) Future work of the committee (scheduling or understanding desire to pursue these activities) (45 min) a. Should committee charter be revised to reflect current situation (& if yes, process/timing to do so given ad hoc group) b. Given that GT and the forecast are regular items on the agenda, can certain meetings/agendas be scheduled far in advance? c. Other future topics for next committee meetings i. Ensure full understanding from participants of how EE is delivered/evaluated/verified ii. Decay issue iii. Others?

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