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Generation Subcommittee Meeting

Date: July 27, 2009 10:00am to 2:00pm

Location: Burlington Electric Department Auditorium, 585 Pine St., Burlington, VT


For directions: http://maps.google.com/maps?li=d&hl=en&f=d&iwstate1=dir:to&daddr=Burlington,+VT+05401+(Burlington+Electric+Dept)&geocode=CTDfq0CJFJXvFUumpgIdt-Oi-w&iwloc=1&dq=Burlington+electric+Department,+VT&cid=4112031357917864387&ei=5F5bStT4KIe-Nr3x5bgB AGENDA: 1) Subcommittee input to the evaluation of how the Docket 7081 process is working. (The VSPC must conduct an evaluation and submit its report to the PSB by the end of the year. The Committee approved a work plan for the evaluation on June 10. The work plan is posted here.) 2) Continuing the discussion of VELCO’s generation assumptions that was started at the last subcommittee meeting. 3) Continuation of the discussion of NTA equivalence that was started at the June 10 VSPC meeting. (This is certainly closely related to #2 above.) 4) Other

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