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VSPC Calendar

Geotargeting Subcommittee Mtg

Date: November 12, 2013 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Location: PSD Giga Room, Montpelier


1) Agenda review (5 min) Approve previous meeting’s minutes (attached) (5 min) 2) Discussion of PSB memo requesting comments on VSPC recommendations specifically to stop Susie Wilson and whether programs discontinued immediately or ramped down, and how so. (attached) Individual organization comments due 11/15. (30 min) 3) PSB memo requesting comments on screening framework (attached) – (probably only 5 min discussion) 4) Discussion of potential moving of September VSPC meeting to October to accommodate GT Process schedule (20 min) 5) Plan for committee’s input into VSPC Annual Report (10-15 min) 6) Update on Rutland Reliability Plan update/process steps (5min) 7) St. Albans Reliability Plan "deadline" (see attached PSB Order re: GMP request for extension) (10 min) 8) Next meeting (5) 9) Break (10 min) 10) St. Albans Reliability Plan update. Note there could be a high level update for this committee. A more detailed discussion of the EE calculator, and nuanced description of that calculator, will occur about 3pm (remainder of time) 11) Adjourn

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