At its October quarterly meeting, the VSPC heard presentations on two efforts to address energy transformation in Vermont from different angles.

Andrea Colnes, Executive Director of the Vermont Energy Action Network, briefed the group on the focus and activities of EAN. She highlighted the various ways EAN is helping to facilitate progress toward the state policy goal of 90 percent renewable energy by 2050, as established in the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan. Ms. Colnes’ presentation to the VSPC is posted ┬áhere.

Johanna Miller, energy program director for the Vermont Natural Resources Council, and the public member of the VSPC representing environmental groups, gave an update on the Solar Siting Task Force established under Act 56 of the 2015 Vermont General Assembly. The Task Force is being staffed by the Public Service Department, and the website is maintained by the PSD. The group is charged with reporting its recommendations to the 2016 legislature.