The VSPC filed its annual report with the Public Service Board and Public Service Department on January 31, 2017. The report describes activities of the VSPC during 2016, summarizes the committee’s accomplishments last year, and provides an update on the status of all currently identified grid reliability issues. It also includes the new VSPC charter that was adopted in July 2016.

VSPC highlights

  • Received regular briefings each quarter from lead utilities on all reliability deficiencies identified in the 2015 Vermont Long-Range Transmission Plan.
  • Developed, and filed on October 24, 2016, the annual geographic targeting recommendations to the Board. The development of the recommendations followed a full review by the Geographic Targeting Subcommittee of transmission and subtransmission issues, as established in Docket 7081, and distribution issues, as established in Docket 7873/7874.
  • Concluded deliberation on changes needed in the Docket 7081/VSPC process to adapt the process to significant changes that have taken place in the planning process, electric grid and energy-related public policy since the process was established in 2007. The outcome of the process was the adoption of a charter updating and articulating the purpose and work of the VSPC in plain language. A copy of the charter as adopted is attached to this annual report.
  • Received regular briefings on a variety of current policy proceedings, such as the net metering rulemaking and interconnection rulemakings, Renewable Energy Standard (RES) implementation process, Act 174 of the 2016 General Assembly (energy siting), regional energy planning and the Comprehensive Energy Plan update.
  • Heard presentations on a wide variety of energy-related initiatives, studies and reports. Presenters included the Acadia Center, Energy Action Network, Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network, Vermont Weather Analytics Center, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), Green Mountain Power (GMP) and VELCO. Presentation topics included transmission policy to accommodate distributed resources, the Solar Pathways initiative, benefits of weather analytics, proposed merchant transmission projects, energy storage efforts of GMP and VELCO, and the GMP Solar Mapping Project.
  • With regular participation by an ISO-New England (ISO-NE) representative, and briefings by VELCO, updated participants regularly on significant policy developments at the regional and federal level. Topics of particular focus included: FERC Order 1000 implementation, the Distributed Generation Forecast Working Group, stakeholder input into the Regional System Plan, and FERC Order 745 (demand response) Supreme Court appeal.

The VSPC met quarterly, rotating around the state to Rutland, Middlebury and South Burlington.

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