The VSPC is divided into six equally weighted voting sectors, each of which has one vote determined by the majority of members within the sector. The Public Utility Commission appoints the public members and the supply resources representative in the Supply & Demand Resources Sector. The graphic at right shows the composition of the six sectors.

Public Members

Tim DugganResidential RepresentativePrimary
Susan ParuchResidential RepresentativeAlternate
Michael KirickCommercial RepresentativePrimary
 Commercial RepresentativeAlternate
Johanna Miller, VT Natural Resources CouncilEnvironmental RepresentativePrimary
Steve Crowley, Sierra ClubEnvironmental RepresentativeAlternate
Taylor Newton, Chittenden Regional Planning CommissionPlanning RepresentativePrimary
George Gross, Town of Shoreham Planning Commission Planning RepresentativeAlternate


Distribution Utilities with Transmission

Kamran HassanGreen Mountain PowerPrimary
Douglas SmithGreen Mountain PowerAlternate
Kris SmithVermont Electric CooperativePrimary
Michael Beaulieu Vermont Electric CooperativeAlternate


Large Transmission-Dependent Utilities

Munir KastiBurlington Electric DepartmentPrimary
Bill PowellWashington Electric DepartmentPrimary


Transmission-Dependent Utilities

Vera LaPorteBarton Village Electric Primary
John DasaroEnosburg Falls Water & LightPrimary
Mike SullivanHardwick Electric DepartmentPrimary
Brian Evans-MongeonHyde Park Electric DepartmentPrimary
Erick BaileyJohnson Water & LightPrimary
Thomas PetraskaLudlow Electric DepartmentPrimary
Jonathan ElwellLyndon Electric DepartmentPrimary
Scott JohnstoneMorrisville Water & LightPrimary
Stephen L. FitzhughNorthfield Electric DepartmentPrimary
John MorleyOrleans Electric DepartmentPrimary
Jackie PrattStowe Electric DepartmentPrimary
Bill SheetsSwanton Electric DepartmentPrimary
Lynn ParadisSwanton Electric DepartmentAlternate


Supply & Demand Resources

David WestmanEfficiency VermontPrimary
Chris BurnsBurlington Electric DepartmentPrimary
Nathaniel VandalGreen Peak Solar, LLCPrimary
Derek MoretzAlpenglow Solar, LLCAlternate


Transmission Utility

Hantz PrésuméVELCOPrimary
Frank EttoriVELCOAlternate


Non-Voting Participants

Bill Jordan, Engineering DirectorPublic Service Department 
TJ Poor, Planning DirectorPublic Service Department 
Carolyn Alderman, VEPP Inc.SPEED Facilitator 
Shana Louiselle, VSPC Facilitator/SecretaryStaff 


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